About The Authors

Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs are avid readers, self-inspired researchers, mentors, and writers. They are Canadian citizens who reside in Milton, Ontario. Religious, scientific, educational, philosophical, and humanitarian pursuits highlight their work. Multigenerational family life, nurturing children, community, and corporate business experience bolsters their seminal work, Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI).” Research, study, and religious and philosophical perspectives underlie their life’s purpose. They embrace every opportunity to help create literature that speaks to the human condition.

Errol and Marjorie have dedicated their lives to promoting the good in humanity by their work and relationships with people they encounter on their “journey of happiness,” which began in earnest in the year 2000. Marjorie and Errol have combined experiential knowledge, intellectual and empirical observation, and global travel on four continents—Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania—in approximately twelve countries, twenty-four states, and about one hundred cities, towns, and villages over several decades. They have benefitted from a “panoramic view” of the human landscape as they have witnessed how people in several parts of the world experience coexist in a cultural mix of wealth (plenty) and poverty (scarcity).

Marjorie and Errol live “Optimum Happy” (OH) lives. OH does not mean that they have great wealth, live in a mansion, drive exotic automobiles, or that they socialize with prominent figures in society. Their perspective on happiness is to reverence a higher moral authority, love for humanity, integrity in business, and care for family, friends, community and nation. They contend that these fundamental imperatives of happiness underpin a successful life, not merely as “lifestyle happiness” but as perpetual “joy.” More importantly, how peoples’ “worldview” have an influence on their relationships, their health, their happiness, and their futures — for better or for worst.


Marjorie brings to OHI the great instincts of the “heart” that she inherited from her mother. She inherited the “head” leadership from her father, who was an “old school” farmer and businessperson, and through her education and corporate experience. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree (summa cum laude), a Business Accounting and Assistant Diploma (BAA), and certificates in Conflict Management and Environment Technology. Marjorie practices in the field of Accounting Management, where she meets and interacts with people from all “walks of life.” These meetings help to enrich her “happiness journey” even when she is not reading or traveling.


Errol has a trades, technical, and polytechnic engineering background, primarily in the energy industry. Errol has practiced for twenty-five years in both thermal and nuclear power generation. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET). He holds a Full Technological Certificate (Instrumentation Maintenance Technology) (energy sector), and the equivalent of the Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics from City and Guilds of London Institute in London, England.

During his career, Errol has held positions such as Senior Engineering Technician, Scientific Technologist, Planning and Scheduling Engineer/Officer, Project Management Analyst, and Senior Process Designer. In the year 2002, Errol relinquished his technical career to pursue a higher understanding of human development from religious, humanitarian, and philosophical perspectives; likewise to write and speak on issues that facilitate human growth and development, and peaceful coexistence.

Among a host of technical and nontechnical presentations over the years (2000–2016), in July 2015, Errol presented at a conference (“Visions of a Future World”) hosted by the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), Toronto, Ontario. In October 2014, Errol presented at the International Leadership Association (ILA) 16th Annual Leadership Conference in San Diego, California, USA. In October 2013, Errol spoke at a conference (“Should Canada See Itself as a Welcoming Family?”) hosted by the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In 2010 and 2008 respectively, Errol presented at the 17th and 19th Annual Science Symposium, sponsored by Visions of Science Network for Learning (VOSNL) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Errol had the privilege to speak on the same circuit as distinguished former NASA astronaut Captain Winston E. Scott (Captain, USN, RET) and Professor and Dr. Mercedes T. Richards (1955–2016), Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Pennsylvania State University, USA. In September 2000, Errol wrote and co-presented a “White Paper” entitled Manufacturing Engineering Project Office (MEPO) ― A Critical Link to Supplier Integration.” He presented the paper at the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Global Symposium on Project Management in Houston, Texas, USA.

The solution perspectives that Errol and Marjorie bring to the challenges of the postmodern world begin with a “new” understanding of the human capacity to change the course of history. “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” is their way to engage people, communities, and nations in a dialogue about the inherent benefits of happiness as a positive, and far reaching beyond a mere human emotion. Whether you live in the Orient or the Occident, whether you are rich or poor, an academic or a layperson, religious or irreligious, Errol and Marjorie invite you to contemplate a Global “Happiness Index” (HI) Movement (GHIM) as a critical enabler in the pursuit of a happier world.

Errol and Marjorie put forward that “Optimum Happiness” (OH) is a “higher value” proposition for human survival as a viable species than mere “Happiness.” They proffer that OH is the road to travel as they seek to help inspire others in their search for lives filled with peace, hope, happiness, and optimism for the future. Some of the ideas in their book might be different from what you have learned about happiness and taken for granted regarding “happiness” as a lifestyle. Their hope is that you will consider their perspectives as “new” discoveries that can aid in your quest for OH, underpinned by “joy,” a “spiritual” imperative that can sustain your OHI.”

Moreover, “Joy” is the “sentinel” that guards the soul when “Happiness” takes flight —temporarily.