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ACBN/GIBBS presents a penetrating analysis of some of the causes and effects of Black disempowerment. Conversely, offering 15 Innovative Strategies for Black empowerment ─the next 50 YEARS (2021 – 2071)

ACBN/GIBBS: Afro Caribbean Business Network Canada Foundation

TORONTO, April 27, 2021/CNW/ ─ The Afro Caribbean Business Network Canada

Foundation(ACBN) presents a revolutionary Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto (CBEM) Version 2.0. Volume 001. The 240 pages’ Manifesto offers a penetrating analysis of some of the causes and effects of Black disempowerment, concurrent with 15 Innovative Strategies to attain and sustain Black empowerment over the next 50 years. Ryan O’Neil Knight, President of ACBN, commissioned the ground-breaking twenty-first-century “blueprint,” the brainchild of Errol A. Gibbs, Principal Researcher and Writer.

The Manifesto proposes a clear definition of a Black Empowerment Vision Criteria (BEVC), defined as Holistic, Permanent, Macro-level, Job Creation, Wealth Creation, and Digital and Physical Infrastructure. These six criteria will establish new benchmarks for executive leaders in the public and private sectors to better target funding towards tangible infrastructure initiatives.

The GIBBS/ACBN brain trust also proposes creating a Black History Month (BHM) Score Card (BHMSC) to measure progress each February on BHM. To achieve the 15 Innovative Strategies, GIBBS/ACBN makes a compelling call for new integrated community organizations’ infrastructures, unlike the “organizational silo” models that inhibit collective growth in the Black community.

Three crucial platforms are fundamental to achieving measurable success: [1] A detailed Manifesto, the CBEM to provide “Strategic Objectives.” [2] A Canadian Black Empowerment Think Tank (CBETT) to provide the “Tactical Objectives,” facilitated by a multi-disciplinary Advisory Council, and [3] a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to provide “Operational Objectives,” facilitated by a team of multi-disciplinary Analysts.

GIBBS/ACBN believes that the Black community is at the “right intersection” in history with a “blueprint” to foster “collective resolve,” achieve social and political inclusion, corporate leadership prowess, and economic self-sufficiency. The Manifesto also asks Blacks to adopt an “industrial mindset,” which is indispensable as the world enters the transformational Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The CBEM informs stakeholders and shareholders of the “across-the-board” benefits of collaborating with non-profit, public-private, and for-profit enterprises in the community.

We look forward to an engaging and inspiring dialogue regarding this new paradigm of Black empowerment.


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