The vision is that the vast body of highly educated blacks in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) would develop a stealth focus on transforming the GTA into a bastion for creativity and innovation. To inspire blacks to adopt “A Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto” (CBEM) underpinned by 15 Innovative Suggestions to foster a new “Industrial Mindset” in parallel with the “Cultural Mindset.”


“Solving today’s new problems requires a change in mindset. The abundance that many in the first world enjoy today is the triumph of industrialization”

To inspire the academics, scholars, doctors, scientists, professors, researchers, engineers, architects, educators, intellects, philosophers, writers, politicians, community advocates, financiers, entrepreneurs, students, and clerics to adopt a new mindset.

To shift away from a rigid “cultural mindset,” away from their comfort zones and examine the potency of a growth, entrepreneur, industry, wealth creation, family loyalty, generational, community, and political and constitutional mindset, in particularly, to an “industrial mindset.”

A change in mindset is similar to a shift in worldview. Mindset can transform families, communities, nations, the world, and ourselves. Carol S. Dweck (Author)

These mindset changes are necessary as the world enters the transformational Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or Industry 4.0.


The objective is to strive to inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and governments to understand the inherent benefits of an equitable society better. The attainment of which is possible only with the full participation of every citizen, imbued with the opportunity to achieve his or her highest growth potential. The focus of “A Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto (CBEM)” is to facilitate inclusion, growth, and empowerment of people of colour, particularly Blacks and Indigenous peoples who have faced decades of disfranchisement.


(Excerpted from A Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto (CEBT), p. 72 – 73)

Black empowerment needs a clear (universal) definition. Figure 11 depicts the six criteria that constitute Black empowerment vision. Gibbs, Errol A, Project Management and Business Process Reengineering Analyst, suggests the following six criteria to define Black empowerment. It depicts the 15 Innovative Strategies that will foster significant discussions among community leaders to establish a universal definition and plan moving forward. Following is a brief definition of each of the six criteria:


Figure 11.

  1. HOLISTIC defines the most critical criterion to accomplish a balance in achieving Black empowerment. The manifesto puts forward 15 Innovative Strategies based on significant observations (analytical and empirical), and discussions among individuals. Notwithstanding, this criterion is subject to more extensive talks and dialogues about the empowerment categories that constitute the holistic criterion.
  2. PERMANENT defines being a long and lasting state such as a house built on a lot of land. Permanent does not essentially mean indefinite, but permanent helps to give meaning and purpose to the duration of existence.
  3. MACRO-LEVEL defines the scope or size of an endeavour such as a major construction project (a residential sub-division or construction project) as opposed to building a house. A macro level project could involve several micro level projects.
  4. JOB-CREATION, in the simplest of terms, means jobs created by an endeavour. However, the number of jobs created would be pre-determined and maximized based on the scope of the endeavour.
  5. WEALTH CREATION defines the amount of profit earned after project and business expenses (inclusive), allowing the owners to accumulate significant Return-On-Investment (ROI). He or she could make substantial investments in other endeavours to create wealth and pursue philanthropic interests.
  6. DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE means operating businesses and offices fully equipped with all digital tools to be efficient and effective in the digital age. Moreover, it also refers to having access to adequate office space, equipment, buildings, vehicles, and storage (digital and ready access physical storage) for document archives to function as a well-managed enterprise.

The brief definition of the six criteria above should start the dialogue for a critical understanding of the Black empowerment vision. The Advisory Council, in collaboration with the applicable stakeholders will define the criteria for each program, project, and business undertaking, likewise, weighted differently based on factors such as length of the engagement timeline, budgets, and resources. Working on the basis of measurable criterion, is fundamental to project and business success.

April 27, 2021




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