101 Questions And Philosophical Thoughts For Stability

  1. If God did not exist, we would have to invent a God for humanity to survive.
  2. Without moral laws, society could not exist.
  3. When you pray, do not pre-empt the positive results you seek with negative thoughts.
  4. The word “global village” is a misnomer.
  5. We have been ushered into a global village manifestly unprepared.
  6. Love your enemies. Your friends know that you love them.
  7. How did humanity veer onto the highway of intolerance without an exit?
  8. Climate change is not about saving the planet, but about the saving humanity.
  9. Generosity is the only road to prosperity with no detours.
  10. With love, there is not a need for tolerance.
  11. Charity is not the solution to world poverty and hunger —justice is.
  12. Peace is not the opposite war, love is.
  13. Plant good seed and do not look back or tell anyone.
  14. Five pillars of a successful marriage: love, faith, hope, loyalty, and compromise.
  15. When no one is watching, someone is watching.
  16. All people are in a never ending search for something.
  17. Some people are in a neverending search for anything.
  18. Negative situations should never get in the way of a positive attitude.
  19. How will you know when you have found God?
  20. You will know when you have found God.
  21. Some people know about God; others know God.
  22. You will know when you have discovered your Spiritual purpose.
  23. Let the world know that you were here when you leave.
  24. Look around us; the enemy is within the gates. Who is the Gatekeeper?
  25. Experience is not a substitute for education.
  26. Education is not a substitute for intelligence.
  27. Education is a human construct, but intelligence comes from God.
  28. Without intelligence, education loses its potency.
  29. Are we confusing information with knowledge?
  30. We can change the world, starting with us —today.
  31. If you think that you are superior to others, you have an inferiority complex.
  32. There are no superior or inferior human beings, just human beings.
  33. The postmodern man has broken the chain of the legacy of knowledge.
  34. Life has become a great battlefield with no victors, only losers.
  35. Human beings have accepted war as a civil right that we must exercise—regularly.
  36. The “power of dialogue” can end wars.
  37. A flaw in the foundation of marriage is the cause of marriage breakdown.
  38. The world can become a better place. It is up to you to decide—today.
  39. Do not make promises that you cannot keep or do not intend to keep.
  40. God will keep His promises if you keep yours.
  41. Eat foods from the earth, the trees, and the sea.
  42. Live as though you are on the planet for the last day.
  43. Do not let your failures have mastery over you.
  44. Master your failures and you will be successful.
  45. If peace breaks out, please try not to get in the way.
  46. We are losing the war against a potent enemy ― ourselves.
  47. Do not say that people are stupid; you are people, too.
  48. There are many confused travelers among us, seemingly without a destination.
  49. We stumble through life as though we do not have a roadmap.
  50. Everyone is a genius in something.
  51. What is that something that makes you a genius?
  52. We stumble over our genius daily without recognizing it.
  53. We live in three dimensions simultaneously: the past, the present, and future.
  54. There are three levels of intelligence: Spiritual, human, and artificial intelligence.
  55. Spiritual intelligence is superior to human intelligence.
  56. Spirituality is not merely an abstract notion talked about in the physical realm.
  57. There are empirical measures of spirituality.
  58. There are three stages of human life: premortal, mortal, and immortal.
  59. Why do people give prominence to mortal life over immortal life?
  60. The conspiracy against us begins at birth, sometimes even at conception.
  61. Where are the proverbial cracks in the system that people fall through?
  62. Eighty percent of the world’s population faces greater challenges than you face.
  63. We are all actors on the international stage often oblivious that the play will end.
  64. Invest in people they are our greatest asset.
  65. Negative thoughts have greater power than all the armies that ever marched.
  66. Water is the habitat of fish; likewise, air is the habitat of human beings.
  67. All humanity is one.
  68. Are rich people happier than poor people are?
  69. Are poor people happier than rich people are?
  70. Often the wealthiest individuals in the world are the poorest.
  71. Often the poorest people in the world are the wealthiest.
  72. What does it profit us to spend all of our earnings on ourselves?
  73. Some people blame the devil for their troubles.
  74. Some people blame God for their troubles.
  75. Some people blame their parents for their troubles.
  76. Some people blame society for their troubles.
  77. Some people do not know whom to blame for their troubles.
  78. The person in the mirror is responsible for some of your troubles.
  79. Do not put all your trust in the individual in the mirror.
  80. Have you ever tried to pull yourself up by your bootstraps?
  81. How you treat your parents determines the length of your life.
  82. A man is strongest when he is his weakest.
  83. Happiness is not an event; marriage and graduation are events.
  84. Our gods, our nationalities, our race, our color have divided us —permanently.
  85. Racism is an incurable disease, for which there is no vaccine.
  86. We have come to accept global conflict as innate to human existence.
  87. There is a spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, and physical starvation going on.
  88. The world has become a “boiling pot” of discontent with male-dominated leadership.
  89. Human beings are born either equal, unequal, or equally unequal.
  90. All people are born with the great gift of inequality —cherish it.
  91. It is an absurd to say that you can achieve anything you put your mind too.
  92. How did Christianity become a religion? Religion is a human construct.
  93. Where did the elements come from that predated the “big bang?”
  94. A loss of spirituality gives rise to a life of materialism.
  95. There was a time when friendship meant —friendship.
  96. Work without complaining, or you will negate the rewards.
  97. Money is like air. We could only breathe as much as we need.
  98. Violence has become an institution in our modern era.
  99. Poverty has become an “engineered” byproduct of wealth creation.
  100. Poverty is a deadlier human condition than heart disease, stroke, and cancer combined.
  101. Faith is stronger than fear, yet fear dominates the character of humankind.

These 101 Questions and Philosophical Thoughts will inspire, enlighten, and empower adherents of religions, the nonreligious, academics, intellects, visionaries, philosophers, and laypeople. A rich, inspirational list will inspire you to lifechanging actions for your betterment and the betterment of humanity. These thoughts will better inform each of us of which road to travel, as we continue our journey in search of lives filled with peace, hope, happiness and optimism for present and future generations.

¹Extracted from: “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” —A Self-Directed Guide to Your “Happiness Index” (HI) (Including Questionnaire and Self-Improvement [SI] Templates). © 2016 Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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