20 Activities that Actually Make People Happy

What activities that actually make people happy? The answer is fundamental to our survival because happiness is a “mutual” “human survival proposition.” Happiness brings contentment, but unhappiness brings discontentment. Most, if not all, of humanity desire to be happy, but not all people are aware that a change in their circumstances informs their “pursuit of happiness.” Following are the twenty attributes, behaviors, and activities that make us happy, engender contentment, and help to elevate our “Happiness Index” (HI) level.


  1. Taking responsibility for each other’s happiness.
  2. Knowing and trusting God’s guidance.
  3. Nurturing a friendly marriage.
  4. Reading books together.
  5. Loyalty in marriage.
  6. Sharing dreams.
  7. Reliable friends.
  8. Co-partners.
  9. Co-equals.
  10. Co-owners.
  11. Peaceful home.
  12. Peaceful living.
  13. Common vision.
  14. Sharing research.
  15. Cooking together.
  16. Optimistic future.
  17. Intelligent conversation.
  18. Practicing healthy eating.
  19. Laughing out loud (LOL) regularly.

It does not matter how strong and independent we are; we need spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical connections to make us happy, not merely for ourselves but for others as well. Happiness in the world hinges on human relationships, but where do we begin the process of transformation into a world of happiness? We can strive daily to uphold the bond of marriage, to maintain family and community relations, to be loyal to employers and employees, and to be patriotic to our nation, compelled by a mutual need to be happy.

¹Extracted from: “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” —A Self-Directed Guide to Your “Happiness Index” (HI) (Including Questionnaire and Self-Improvement [SI] Templates). © 2016 Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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