20 Key Points of Dialogue for a Happy Marriage

In marriage, as in all relationships, the “power of dialogue” creates opportunities to build mutual trust and friendship. Following are twenty key points for dialogue to help build unbreakable bonds for a healthy and happy marriage relationship and the family foundation.


  1. Understand God’s plan for the marriage.
  2. Foster loyalty and fidelity in marriage.
  3. Engage in long-term family planning.
  4. Keep communication channels open.
  5. Establish community activity goals.
  6. Support each other’s career goals.
  7. Honor the marriage vows.
  8. Agree on work–life balance.
  9. Build each other up spiritually.
  10. Develop mutual religious goals.
  11. Develop mutual interests.
  12. Establish realistic expectations.
  13. Share responsibilities in the home.
  14. Mutually agree on work–life issues.
  15. Develop mutual (intellectual) objectives.
  16. Accept responsibilities within the family.
  17. Practice financial management and budgeting.
  18. Plan for the future care and welfare of children.
  19. Create plans for family vacations (rest and relaxation).
  20. Discuss issues openly and with empathy for each other.

Ideally, the right starting point for couples contemplating marriage is as follows: “Increase the dialogue, increase the happiness.” “Increase the loyalty, increase the happiness.” “Increase the friendship, increase the happiness.” “Increase the love, increase the happiness.”

Some married couples take for granted that merely maintaining the marriage relationship equates to a successful marriage. The ability to understand and manage these twenty key points for dialogue in marriage will increase the probability of fidelity, longevity, marriage success, peace, and happiness. Marjorie and I have discovered that one of the most important human attributes that helps to sustain all human relationships is loyalty.

¹Extracted from: “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” —A Self-Directed Guide to Your “Happiness Index” (HI) (Including Questionnaire and Self-Improvement [SI] Templates). © 2016 Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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