25 Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Findings¹

Marjorie and I were not satisfied with the mere “search for happiness” or “pursuit of happiness,” but rather OH as a “higher value” proposition, for empowering individuals, families, and nations.

Our inquiry revealed a significant number of benefits to happiness that can improve human communications, transform relationships, elevate peaceful coexistence, better inspire human relationships, better inform our understanding of the oneness of humanity, and promote the overall well-being of nations. We have provided a summary of some of our findings (randomly ordered) for the edification of our readers. As an aggregate, they underpin the “Happiness Index” Planning Process Methodology (HIPPM). (Reference: Chapter 5).


  1. Everyone has a “Happiness Index” (HI).
  2. Happiness is personal, interpersonal, transactional, and transformational.
  3. With the right tools, people can improve their HI.
  4. A happy world hinges on a happy marriage, happy children, and a happy family.
  5. Happier people are more calm, creative, and productive.
  6. There are specific keys to a happier life.
  7. Happier people have a happier personality and vice versa.
  8. Material success is not the same as a successful life.
  9. Rich or poor, neither group is happier than the other group.
  10. People who travel are happier and better informed about the world and our interdependence.
  11. The “pursuit of pleasure” is not the same as “pursuit of happiness.”
  12. Happy leaders are better managers of people.
  13. Unhappiness does not have to be permanent.
  14. Much of human behavior is counterproductive to happiness.
  15. Happy people are charitable.
  16. A happy nation constitutes happy people.
  17. Happy employees are more dependable, more productive, more loyal, and more creative.
  18. Good character traits imbue happiness.
  19. The soil of our “interdependent human nature” nurtures the “roots of happiness.”
  20. Happier children and people are less destructive and foster relations more easily.
  21. Happiness can help to mitigate much of the violence in the world.
  22. Happy people get restful sleep.
  23. “Joy” is a higher imperative of happiness.
  24. Happiness exists in the “spiritual” and the “physical” realms of our lives.
  25. Optimum Happiness” (OH) is achievable and sustainable.

¹Extracted from: “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” —A Self-Directed Guide to Your “Happiness Index” (HI) (Including Questionnaire and Self-Improvement [SI] Templates). © 2016 Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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