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Philosophically Speaking — Capitalism, Socialism, Material Progress, Wealth Disparity, and Poverty

One can argue that Capitalism and Socialism are the two dominant systems that undergird politics and the workings of the economy of Western nations, with some compromises between them, but not easily attained. Political leaders in Western nations are either for or against one or the other of the two opposing systems of capitalism...

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Philosophically Speaking: Democracy – Why the Incongruity?

PREAMBLE: The journey of humankind through the premodern and modern eras has been nothing short of inexplicable. Western nations have now arrived at postmodern democracy, underpinned by Christianity, but “Why the Incongruity?” Unresolved problems of the past confront humanity, compounded by problems of the present such as indifference to “race,” color, culture, creed, and...

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