ENDORSEMENTS: Five Foundations of Human Development (FFHD)


Five Foundations of Human Development (FFHD)
A Proposal for Our Survival in the Twenty-First Century and the New Millennium

“C.S. Lewis said: ‘Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered.’ Grey and Gibbs not only answer bad philosophy, they raise a 21st century standard through scholarly skill, human insight and Spiritual revelation.”

— Raymond F. Culpepper, D.D.,
General Overseer (Church of God International),
Tennessee, USA

“These technical and theological minds combined their journeys of discovery to produce a masterful exploration of the spiritual and the carnal that reveals the power of the spiritual to enlighten and enhance the carnal. Through Five Foundations of Human Development, they provide a Biblical potion for the chronic ills assailing modern man.”

— Rev. Dr. Hazel Ann GibbsDePeza, Ed.D.,
Principal, Herman Parris Spiritual Baptist Southland School of Theology,
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

“Just when the world is losing ‘hope’ the authors present FFHD, a body of Biblical (religious) perspectives that underpin academic disciplines such as human relations, engineering, science and technology, economics, history, education and health.”

— Tabitha Robinson, M.Ed.,
Curriculum Coordinator at Darwin High School,
Darwin, Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia

“Many bemoan the state of humanity at the beginning of the 21st century, but few make promising suggestions for positive change. Grey and Gibbs, on the other hand, offer a bold call to humankind, a call to turn from our failed endeavors, a call to embrace the authority of God and service to humanity.”

— Mary Ruth Stone, Ed.D.,
Director of Faculty Development and Associate Professor of Education, Lee University

Former International Coordinator Women’s Ministries (Church of God International), Tennessee, USA

“Gibbs and Grey bring newly inspired Biblical and intellectual insight that profoundly enlightens and awakens our spirit to truths that can bring immeasurable change to our lives.”

— Mary Pfeiffer, MBA., (Educator),
Director of Studies, Skyeward Ltd,
London, England

“This book is well researched and written. It is most relevant and can be utilized as a great tool for training and equipping leaders for ministry in the 21st century.”

— Andrew Binda, Administrative Bishop (Church of God),
New York, New York

“Global poverty, a deteriorating environment and war call for a Christian response that is informed by a solid biblical theology of humanity. Gibbs and Grey provide a broad but incisive overview of such a theology, and by so doing give to the church perspective and direction for redemptive and healing action in contemporary society.”

— Franklin Pyles, Ph.D.,
President (Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada),
Ontario, Canada

“I am impressed with the depth and breadth of research, the passion, the compelling arguments and the analytical reasoning in this timely book. It is ‘must read’ for adherents of all religions, academics, intellectuals, philosophers and visionaries, as well as non-academic and non-religious individuals.”

— Alvin Frank, M.Div.,
Former Thermal Station Engineer/Officer,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada