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Five Foundations of Human Development, a ‘Blueprint’ for Human Survival, a compelling new book almost Ethereal in its Brilliance by Gibbs and Grey

Toronto, ON, Canada. September 30, 2011. What do you get when a “technological” and a “theological” mind come together to address the most pressing problems facing humanity? In the case of Errol Gibbs and Philip Grey, you get Five Foundations of Human Development, a study almost ethereal in its brilliance, hailed as an “answer to the call of modern man to turn from our failed endeavors and seek divine intervention and guidance by a higher moral authority.” A bold call indeed, by Gibbs, a former technologist, planning and scheduling engineer/officer and analyst, and Grey, a noted Christian theologian, and widely traveled missionary and motivational speaker. The authors hope to do nothing less than “engender new hope for human survival, informed by God’s immutable plan for His creation.”

A blueprint for a better world

Mediated through solid Christian theology, empirical observation, science, and religion, Gibbs and Grey’s book offers a prodigiously researched cross-disciplinary analysis of the philosophical, religious, and practical challenges that humans must overcome if we are to have a future as a viable species. “Global poverty, a deteriorating environment, and war call for a Christian response that is informed by a solid biblical theology of humanity,” says Dr. Franklin Pyles, President of Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. “Gibbs and Grey provide a broad but incisive overview of such a theology, and by so doing give the church perspective and direction for redemptive and healing action in contemporary society.”

Five Foundations of Human Development, the result of eleven years of research and writing, and combined travel experience to thirty-two countries, starts by asking whether our materially driven life undermines the spiritual purpose of our existence. The authors posit five foundations upon which human beings can build fulfilling lives: spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, and physical. This sweeping and inspiring work lays out a blueprint for the survival of humanity through the spectrum of these foundations.

What Gibbs and Grey have done is create a blueprint for human and social responsibility.  Solutions, they suggest, can no longer be left to the leaders of our great institutions—alone, but must arise from the collective conscience of ordinary people as well. By adroitly bringing conscience into the equation, the authors do a masterful job of linking individuals and institutions—offering spiritually based hope for the prospect of solutions reflecting the oneness of humanity.

“Just when the world is losing ‘hope,’ the authors present Five Foundations of Human Development, a body of Biblical (religious) perspectives that underpin academic disciplines such as human relations, engineering, science and technology, economic, history, education and health,” says Tabitha Robinson, M.Ed., educator/curriculum coordinator, Darwin, Australia.

Advance praise for Five Foundations of Human Development, which has been compared to The Purpose-Driven Life, The Secret, as well as the writing of C. S. Lewis, suggests it is destined to make its mark in Christian theology. It’s the inspiring product of the greatness that can happen when Christian men from wildly different backgrounds meet at the crossroads of faith and objectivity.

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