102 Optimum Happiness Index (OHI) Quotes¹

  1. Optimum Happiness” (OH) is a higher value proposition than happiness.
  2. With the right tools, people can improve their “Happiness Index” (HI).
  3. The “pursuit of pleasure” is not the same as the “pursuit of happiness.”
  4. Happy people are at peace and are less anxious than unhappy people.
  5. Happy people have high expectations of themselves and others.
  6. The labyrinth of the mind stores both happy and unhappy thoughts.
  7. “Joy” and “Happiness” can help to mitigate violence in the world.
  8. Happiness lives between the twin towers of attitude and gratitude.
  9. The grand design of the universe will be incomplete without you.
  10. Happy people are less destructive and easy to foster relations with.
  11. Happy employees are more dependable and more productive.
  12. Our “interdependent nature” nurtures the “roots of happiness.”
  13. You can achieve a higher state of “Optimum Happiness” (OH).
  14. Happy thoughts create happy feelings, emotions, and actions.
  15. Much of human behavior is counterproductive to happiness.
  16. Children are the “Emperors” and “Empresses” of happiness.
  17. A happy world hinges on our desire to make others happy.
  18. Happy people are more generous than unhappy people.
  19. Loyalty is the bedrock of longevity in all relationships.
  20. Happy people are more calm, creative, and productive.
  21. A happy world hinges on a happy marriage and family.
  22. Forgive the past; enjoy the present; plan for the future.
  23. Strive to do better, to achieve more, and to give more.
  24. The soul “searches for joy” when happiness takes flight.
  25. “Spirituality” and “Happiness” are mutually inclusive.
  26. “Lifestyle” and “Happiness” are only distant cousins.
  27. Guard against actions that impede your happiness.
  28. Happiness is personal and interpersonal.
  29. Happiness is also transactional and transformational.
  30. Happy employees are more loyal and more creative.
  31. Money can bring both happiness and unhappiness.
  32. Happiness exists in the “spiritual” and the “physical.”
  33. Without happiness, unhappiness will reign supreme.
  34. Believe that the ultimate state of happiness is “joy.”
  35. Happiness is not possessing but being and doing.
  36. Neither rich nor poor are happier than the other.
  37. Eat foods from the ground, the tree, and the sea.
  38. “Spiritual Intelligence” (SQ) imbues happiness.
  39. Material success is not the same as a successful life.
  40. Happy leaders are better managers of people.
  41. Do not worry if the “Joneses” get ahead of you.
  42. Unhappiness does not have to be permanent.
  43. Seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
  44. Happy people have a friendly predisposition.
  45. Today can be a happier day than yesterday.
  46. Happiness is spiritual, emotional, and physical.
  47. You can make others happy and vice versa.
  48. Happy people are healthier emotionally.
  49. Strive for family loyalty as a primary goal.
  50. Be positive, and avoid negative situations.
  51. “Joy” is a higher imperative of happiness.
  52. Happy people have a forgiving attitude.
  53. Good character traits imbue happiness.
  54. Money may not bring lasting happiness.
  55. A good character underpins happiness.
  56. There are specific keys to a happier life.
  57. Live a high-integrity and worry-free life.
  58. Strive to live peacefully with all people.
  59. Forgive others, and ask for forgiveness.
  60. Everyone has a “Happiness Index” (HI).
  61. Happiness is a companion of the soul.
  62. Your purpose is to live, love, and serve.
  63. Happy people have a forgiving spirit.
  64. Demand your birthright to be happy.
  65. Happy thoughts lead to right actions.
  66. “Joy” brings peace and happiness.
  67. Counter criticisms with compliments.
  68. Make your spouse your best friend.
  69. Never strive to win in an argument.
  70. Maintain openness and objectivity.
  71. Travel widely and read extensively.
  72. Get adequate rest and relaxation.
  73. Your life is part of a grand design.
  74. A happy mind is a creative mind.
  75. Seek “Optimum Happiness” (OH).
  76. Paint your home in mood colors.
  77. Laugh out loud (LOL) regularly.
  78. Be a prudent money manager.
  79. Seek and discover your genius.
  80. Happiness is music to the soul.
  81. Personal integrity is happiness.
  82. Go to sleep with mood music.
  83. Live by faith and not by fear.
  84. Volunteer in your community.
  85. De-clutter your surroundings.
  86. Seek the advice of the elders.
  87. Carpe diem (Seize the day).
  88. Count your blessings daily.
  89. Doing your best is happiness.
  90. All human beings are one.
  91. Happiness is your birthright.
  92. Fulfill your promises made.
  93. Unhappiness brings war.
  94. Prayer infuses happiness.
  95. Happiness is contagious.
  96. You can find happiness.
  97. Care for elderly persons.
  98. Happiness is a surplus.
  99. Unhappiness is a deficit.
  100. Happiness is contagious
  101. Be happy, be healthy.
  102. Love, listen, laugh.

“Have regular hours for work and play; make each day both useful and pleasant, and prove that you understand the worth of time by employing it well. Then youth will bring few regrets, and life will become a beautiful success.”

 Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (1832–1888)

¹Extracted from: “Discovering Your Optimum ‘Happiness Index’ (OHI)” —A Self-Directed Guide to Your “Happiness Index” (HI) (Including Questionnaire and Self-Improvement [SI] Templates). © 2016 Errol A. and Marjorie G. Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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